„Filip” Leopold Tyrmand

The hero in the title of Leopold Tyrmand's novel is a 23-year-old Polish waiter working in a hotel in Frankfurt-upon-Men in 1943. Apart from Filip there are also several French, Italian, Dutch, Belgian, Czech and German men, all too young to go to war. Serving the hotel guests is their way to survive for these young people. They don't lack for food, fine liquors or cigarettes. They have time to relax. They live as if there was no war, even though it was the war that made them do the job they hate. From there they fight against the Nazis in a most peculiar way: they make the German girls love them, they spit into the managements' coffee, and they cheat on food coupons.

The greatest tragedy in the life of the main hero in this fascinating story is his love of a young German girl called Hela. It's a love forbidden by the regime. Foreigners were shot for this, while the young German girls' heads were shaven. In this story, there is also a third party – Gunter, a young German airman.

“Filip” is a unique story: light and funny narration, interesting plot, and most of all it's a totally different story about war from those we usually see. It's a story told from the perspective of a young waiter whose hormones are boiling. It's also a story about the power of youth, love and the great need for intimacy.

This radio series is an adaption of the novel.

We have produced 13 episodes, each 25 – 35 minute long.

Each episode will be cut into smaller segments (up to 7 minutes) so that it can be aired on the morning shows.

60 people including 30 actors took part in the production of this series.

FILIP – a radio series, is the first radio series produced as a coproduction by Regional Radio Stations of Polski Radio.

in the title role: Antoni Królikowski
narrator: Paweł Królikowski

Anna Próchniak
Józef Pawłowski
Olga Bołądź
Cezary Żak
Izabela Kuna
Jacek Braciak
Antoni Pawlicki
Miłogost Reczek
Bartosz Gelner
Lech Łotocki

music: NeoKlez

direction: Krzysztof Czeczot

recordings: Rafał Smoleń, Tomasz Maciątek - DREAMSOUND
sound production: Magdalena Kasperek, Bartosz Zajkowski - OSORNO

executive producers: OSORNO Jadwiga Juczkowicz, Krzysztof Czeczot

You are invited to listen to the series by:
radio szczecin
radio gdańsk
radio RDC
radio PiK
radio zachód

premiere date: March 2015